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Discover the actors of the language industry that support CLIP and advocate quality.

Version internationale is a France-based localization and technical translation provider that has been committed to quality since 1990.

The University of Strasbourg supports quality and the CLIP initiative. It offers two in-class and online translation-related Master's Degrees: the CAWEB Master's degree and the TCLOC Master's degree.

Eazylang is a collaborative translation web platform that connects clients and translation professionals. Eazylang is an active CLIP partner, favouring freelance translators with CLIP Certificates.

Vocalink Global is a multilingual communications company enabling brands to be heard and understood globally through translation, interpretation, and cultural adaptation in more than 275 languages.

Vocalink seeks experienced translators who can bring value to localization projects across the globe. Click the logo for direct access to the freelance portal.

El Turco is an Istanbul-based premium localization agency focused on Turkish and Arabic in IT/technical, life sciences and marketing fields.

MULTI is a Portuguese language services provider specialized in medical and healthcare content. For more than 15 years we have focused on working with the best talents in our industry to meet our clients’ high service standards.