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Created by your peers

The CLIP certification was designed by language industry heavyweights who understand what keeps recruiters up at night. Our examination definitively measures the skills of candidates, while our rigorous security system ensures the integrity of results.

Trustworthy exam conditions

ID check

Candidates are subject to ID checks, to guarantee that the certificate is issued to the person that actually took the test.

Online proctoring

The entire online exam is monitored by an online proctor.

Controllable score

Translators' scores can be verified on our website to ensure total reliability.

A 3-exercise exam

The CLIP certification exam is composed of a language quiz, a review test and an extensive translation test.

Experienced, professional assessors

Experienced LQA reviewers will assess the exam with professional methods and expectations.


Quality is assessed using a LISA/MQM language quality assessment grid and pass level.

The CLIP certification is a 5-hour exam that costs €245 / $335.
It is currently available in English into French.

We need a "TOEFL-equivalent" in the translation industry.

Endorsed by Françoise Bajon

Françoise BAJON is a renowned translation and localization expert, with 30 years of experience in the industry.


Françoise's active volunteering as the President of ELIA and at the EU Commission as part of the LIND-web group of experts has given her a broad understanding of the challenges facing the industry.


Françoise fully supports the CLIP certification initiative.

 "For me, it is the best practical tool to enhance quality throughout the industry. All stakeholders can use it: client companies, language service providers, translators, universities...
It is an investment for translators that must be fully supported and encouraged by companies."

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