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An online translation exam to facilitate the recruitment of translators

The CLIP certification offers the translation industry a global standard of professional practice. It gives clients confidence in the work they are paying for, bringing quality and reliability back to the core of the industry.

The CLIP certification is an effective time and money-saving tool

for language service providers, clients and translators.


A CLIP certification is an investment in professional credibility; while education and experience on a CV indicate probable competence, a CLIP score demonstrates that a translator has been tested objectively, helping companies ease the recruitment process and avoid costly mistakes.


Translators who apply for a CLIP certification undertake a rigorous series of three examinations designed to reflect real-life translation projects. Our examiners are industry veterans who assess results using a professional Language Quality Assurance evaluation grid, ensuring a consistent and unequivocal commitment to the industry's best practice.


The CLIP process adheres to strict controls including identification checks, time limits, official certificates, and certified online proctors to make the online process more convenient, while retaining the integrity of an on-site examination.


Our easily accessible database enables language companies and recruiters to find and verify CLIP scores with absolute convenience, while translators benefit from the ease of self-scheduling and a completely online experience.

Help shape a positive feedback loop and raise the global standard of translation

Score requirement

Recruiters require a CLIP score from all applicants.

Personal threshold

Recruiters decide what scores are acceptable.

Easy verification

Recruiters can easily and securely verify scores on the CLIP website.

Rewards skills

CLIP helps the best translators rise to the top and gives them more business opportunities.

Valuable feedback

Low-score candidates receive feedback that helps them improve their skills.

Values training

Candidates identify their weaknesses, and training options are intuitively suggested.

A quality incentive

A universal CLIP requirement incentivizing all translators to focus on quality paves the way for a better industry.

Sales differentiator

You can demonstrate the skills of your translator teams to clients.

Confirm the information in your candidate's CV with objective data.

Overhaul your recruitment process and vastly improve your results. Demand a CLIP score from your translators.

Quality and assurance in the
translation industry

Language is more than a commodity and means of communication. It helps us structure our thoughts and shapes how we perceive reality and see the world. As professionals of the translation industry, we take language under our stewardship and in doing so, we hold the responsibility of quality.


Translation is a demanding job that requires strong skills and competencies. However, the unprecedented, radical changes that the industry is currently facing is jeopardizing quality; by giving every bilingual person on the planet a platform to call themselves a translator or translation company, the internet made it all the more difficult for clients and skilled professionals to meet.


CLIP offers a win-win solution whereby skilled translators can stand out from the crowd and be picked by recruiters who value solid, quality work. With its certification, CLIP is becoming the new industry standard, bringing independence, simplicity, transparency and consistency to the recruiting process.


Let's start recognizing skills and professionalism, and help quality be the differentiator again.

Why pre-selecting linguists with
a CLIP Certification is good for you

Prove your value

The higher the standard of translator, the better the quality of work. Your clients understand this. CLIP not only helps you become exceptional, it helps you prove it, too.

Boost your profitability

Streamline your initial recruitment process, avoid costly recruiting mistakes down the line, and open your budget up to other key quality processes.

Improve your management strategies

Improve overall company performance and strategic capabilities with a fully quantifiable KPI that measures the competence of your linguists.

So, what's next?

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  • Demand or favor a CLIP score

    Integrate global standards into your recruitment process by requiring a
    CLIP score from all of your candidates and take control of your

  • Advocate quality!

    If your company shares our vision of an industry reinvigorated with a
    commitment to accessibility, accountability and universal standards, please lend your support publicly: SIGN our quality manifesto and appear as a quality advocate
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  • Inform your translators

    If you demand it, they will supply it. Inform your translator pool about
    CLIP and incentivize them to get certified - we are happy to grant special
    discounts in the name of your company, which you can include in your

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